5 fun and free family half-days out just North of Sheffield!

During our first few years in Sheffield, we were obsessed with spending time in the Peak District. Who wouldn't be? It's beautiful. But when we moved to Sheffield, we realised there is even more to just-outside-Sheffield life!

Want to use less petrol? You're not likely to get stuck in Peak District traffic on your way to these. After a free day out? Bring your own snacks (recipes are on our blog!) and Thermoses of tea/hot choc, and you'll probably only have to pay for parking. Need to be home for a toddler's afternoon nap? (Isn't life exciting when you've got children?!)They're all just half-day days out.

Read on for five of our favourite half days out...

1) The Room on the Broom Trail at Angler's Country Park is one of our favourite hassle-free days out! The trail goes round a lake (but not too close to the water!) so it's flat! Perfect for toddlers who will not tolerate hills! (Like our youngest) It's also great for little ones to ride their bike around. There are wooden sculptures from Room on the Broom the whole way round that they can discover and climb on, as well as a bird hide, an adventure playground, and a cheap cafe at the end.

2) Worsbrough Mill is a lovely area to walk around. It has three marked paths so you can see how enthusiastic your children feel about walking when you get there (!) and all the walks end by a lake with ducks and fishermen. There is a small playground and cafe right at the end.

3) Pot House Hamlet is a recent discovery for us. It has a brilliant garden centre (I think. I know nothing about plants. But I like it) that is a lot cheaper than the very popular garden centre we used to visit! But it also has a little farm animal area that's free! It has goats, sheep, peacocks, hens, and a slightly grumpy donkey! You can pay 50p for some animal food for them, and who doesn't love feeding goats! There's also a little walk across a bridge and along a stream.

4) Broomhead reservoir is one of our children's favourite walks. It takes an an hour to 90 minutes to get round with little ones, so bring sustenance. But there are puddles, tree roots to step over, wild swimmers to marvel/wonder/stare at, and it's usually pretty quiet. It's bumpy, but flat, if you know what I mean! No hills, but bumpy terrain.

5) Chapeltown Park. I know. We are not impartial. But we can happily spend a couple of hours here. The views are great and there's a fab hill for sledging down in winter. There are rollers (a big bumpy area) to ride bikes on - this is perfect for our eldest son who is into mountain biking, as well as our youngest who zips up and down them on his balance bike. There's a very flat, tarmacked trail that leads, eventually, to Meadowhall. And, at the end near Station road, there are some steps that lead up to a disused quarry. Children love exploring up here. And, of course, there is a playground right at the bottom of the park.

Where are your favourite places for days out near Sheffield?

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