Eco-friendly days out!

At The Picnic Shop, we really care about the environment. We make every effort to ensure our business is as eco-friendly as possible, and we are also keen to do this in our family times too.

Days out are a massive part of family life. If you're reading this post, it's probably not because you're planning on sitting in front of the telly all weekend with your little ones! You're probably also fairly environmentally aware too. BUT... there is usually more we can do, and we're here with a few little ideas that may help you plan even more planet-friendly days out.

1. Explore your local area

Is there woodland or parks near you? Give them a good explore. Take the bikes, scooters, skateboards, if you want to try something different. Geo-caching is also a great way to do something different in the area you live in. You don't always have to try somewhere new, just try something new, somewhere familiar!

2. Take the train or bus

Children love travelling on the train or bus. We often take a train somewhere for an hour or two, then eat lunch on the train home, reaching home perfectly fed and tired, ready for a nap! It doesn't have to be a new city or the seaside (although they are both fab days out!) but just look up a stop and see if there's a little park, woods, bike trail, or museum nearby.

3. Take your own snacks and drinks

I know this sounds obvious, but up-level it a bit... a hot drink in a thermos is so much nicer than just water. And you can make your own biscuits or muffins - set yourself a challenge of just using what you already have in the kitchen, and get the children involved. It will make you day out even more exciting if you know there's a handmade treat half way through, especially without any plastic wrapping!

4. Go litter-picking

If there is any way to make your littlies more aware of the importance of not throwing rubbish, it's taking them little picking. You can buy litter pickers (of course they are made of plastic so treat them well so that they last!) and children love using them. They, and you, will suddenly notice how much rubbish is thrown out. Honestly, that and a few stories of sad little rabbits getting their foot caught in a crisp packet and your children are guaranteed to be little-picking-evangelists. And you will get SO many thank yous from passers by, you'll feel great by the end of it!