Free/cheap Christmas Fun around Sheffield

Christmas is fast approaching, and the build up to Christmas is the best time for days out! But what if you're just not up for spending £80 every time you do something festive?! Don't worry. We have some ideas that are virtually free...

1. Sheffield City Centre

Get the train or bus (of course!) to the city centre late afternoon. Take a wander through the Winter Gardens, take in all the Christmas lights as it goes dark, have a look at the Cathedral (it's probably going to be lit up beautifully), then get the tram back to the station, then catch the train/but home. Eat homemade sandwiches and a mince pie on the way home. A lovely bargain of an outing!

2. Church carol concerts and nativity services

A lovely thing to do at Christmas whether you usually go to church or not. Just look up your local large-ish church and see when their carol concert is. Some will have outdoor carols too which lots of local people attend.

3. Holmfirth and Honley Christmas Elf trail

Ok, it's half an hour from Sheffield, but for just £2, you can pick up and elf-hunt sheet from a selection of shops in Holmfirth, then wander round the streets, looking for elves in the windows! If you return your completed sheet, there are prizes up for grabs too. Holmfirth is a lovely village anyway so this would be a fab day out.

4. Grenoside Christmas Tree Trail

Grenoside is a pretty little village in the north of Sheffield, but their Christmas Tree Trail makes it rather extra-lovely. Many of the houses and cottages in Grenoside will decorate Christmas trees, or existing trees, in their front gardens, turning the village into a Christmassy wonderland for a couple of weeks. It's on from the 4th-18th December, and you can pick up a program for a few pounds (I'd recommend this as it helps support the festival) or you can just have a wander and see how many trees you can spot.

5. Abbeydale Park Rise Lights

Every year, the houses on Abberydale Park Rise decorate their houses and front gardens with masses of Christmas lights, turning it into THE sparkliest place to be in Sheffield at Christmas! Go and have a wander and pick your favourite!

6. Visit a Christmas Tree festival

Imagine a beautiful building full of Christmas trees and fairy lights... that's your Christmas Tree festival! They're so lovely to visit and usually only a few pounds. Our favourites include...

St Timothy's in Crookes (usually the first weekend of December)

Sheffield Cathedral

Bakewell Parish Church - 9-19th December

7. Chesterfield's Take an 'Elfie' with an elf

Another elf-hunting trail, this time with a story and encouragement to post your exploits on instagram... this looks like fun and the story book you can download beforehand will add to the excitement. check out

8. Meet up for a Christmas Thermos!

Pick a pretty place half-way between you and friends or family - you could go for woods, fields, a park, by a river, or anywhere outdoors. Pack a thermos (or 2 or 3 if there are lots of you!), and a waterproof blanket, and have an outdoor drink. There's nothing cosier than a hot drink when it's oh so cold...

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