Hi, I’m Emma and I run The Sheffield Picnic Shop, a company that makes delicious, hearty picnics in Sheffield. I love books, outdoor swimming, sewing, and of course cooking. I’m also quite fond of my husband (from Northern Ireland. When we are allowed to travel again expect posts from the beautiful North Coast of Ireland – one of our favourite places) I am also a parent of three children: Elizabeth, aged 12; Joseph, aged 10; and William, almost-2. (I’ve changed their names for this blog)

Our life is fun but SO busy! Between then, my children have a learning disability, severe dyslexia, and massive amounts of energy! It’s good fun but hard work. Luckily they love being outdoors and eating so I can meet their needs rather well…

To us, life is all about adventures and eating. So this is what this blog is all about. I definitely don't overcomplicate things – I’m all for low-maintenance adventures! It will be full of ideas to make the outdoors fun (and I promise to try not to include geocaching – we love it but I think we’ve all done it!), food to eat outdoors (beyond sandwiches, although we devour them!), and generally ways to get covered in mud, leaves, and random bits of dirt. Sound like your kind of day out? Then I think you’re going like this.

I will post a weekly blog post (maybe two a week if I get carried away!) that will include things you can do on walks or in your garden, tasty drinks and snacks you can make to enjoy outdoors, and probably photos of my mud-covered children as that seems to be their constant state between breakfast time and bath time.

This is very exciting! Enjoy.


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