Ivy and... Fi-yah!

At Picnic Shop Headquarters we love the outdoors, but inevitably spend less time outdoors when it's cold and wet. So we try to bring the outdoors in.

We went on a little post-school-run walk. Sometimes this goes down well, sometimes it doesn't! But the boys seemed in the mood for a few muddy puddles this afternoon so everyone was happy.

I've got to say, it does look a bit odd walking along a footpath brandishing a pair of kitchen scissors. But we were on the hunt for a few particularly bendy strands of ivy.

After a bit of ivy-hunting, we headed home to start on our Bringing-The-Outdoors-In. Here's how you can get a 2 year old and 10 year old boy to work in unison to create a mini-nature craft! You'll need some bendy pieces of ivy, plus a few other sprigs of leaves.

First, give the youngest a piece of string and a candle to look after (vital job) Then the eldest wraps ivy around a candle. Tie the ends together with a piece of string tied in a bow (I had to do this bit) Repeat with the other candles.

We lit the candles that evening during dinner. William was amazed... he kept pointing and shouting "Fi-yah! Fi-yah!"

They are so simple but so pretty and rustic!

We took the longer bits of ivy and laid them next to each other. We bent them round and tied at the top. We also had to tie and extra bit of twine at the bottom to keep them neat and tidy.

The boys then poked the other twigs and leaves into our little wreath.

And we hung it on the door. It's so sweet! And the best bit? In a few days we can throw it on the compost heap with an easy conscience, instead of piling it on top of the piles of other 'lovely crafts' we have amassed! Perfect.

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