Rediscovering a local walk with our Scavenger Hunt!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Last weekend it was cold. So cold! (I mean, for South Yorkshire. My friends in colder parts of the world will make fun of me if I don't acknowledge this) So we threw on an extra layer of clothes, warm coats, snowsuits, and everything we had that was lined and waterproof and headed out for an adventure.

We traipsed up to our local disused quarry – which we have renamed The Barren Land – splashing in puddles and finding a plethora of interesting, and not so interesting, sticks along the way.

However we have done rather a lot of walks recently so I brought along my newest creation to keep the children entertained, and it did the job! What keeps children excited to keep moving forward? What gets them to look up and down, and all around them? What gives them ways to spot things they’ve not spotted before on exactly the same path? And what gives your husband an excuse to come up with ‘facts’ that he may have heard years ago but is absolutely convinced they are correct? A nature scavenger hunt!

We spent two hours out in the cold (lucky children!) finding snow-covered moss, yellow leaves, and even a flower, despite the whole family insisting they wouldn’t be able to find one in January!

Even Elizabeth enjoyed it until she got to the picture of the donkey and became furious because we wouldn't find a donkey in The Barren Land. Oh she was angry! Luckily Joseph pointed out that it actually said 4 legged animal and we could count the dog, and calm was resumed. Phew!

I'm guessing many of us need things to keep the same old walks fun during lockdown so here is your very own nature scavenger hunt to download. I’m planning on using the same one this weekend, this time in the garden. I like to get my money’s worth…

blog scavenger hunt
Download PDF • 196KB

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